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The Open House of the Chiba Experiment Station was held.

The open house of the chiba experiment station was held on November 11.
Date: 10a.m. to 4p.m. on November 11
Special lecture: Prof.Toshiharu KISHI "Development of crack self healing concrete and its vision" (13:30-14:30)
Site tour: Middle-scale RC bridge for quality evaluation of surface concrete & Crack self healing concrete specimens(14:30-15:30)

The Komaba open house was held.

The Komaba open house was held during 3 to 4 in June.(4 Jun 2011).

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Documentary program broadcasted on TV (12 Jan 2012)

Self-healing concrete technology in our laboratory was introduced in the science documentary program, broadcasted by BS JAPAN on 12 January. BS JAPAN's website is introducing the program.

Concrete canoe competition(27 Aug 2011)

Kishi laboratory joined the concrete canoe competition held by Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Kanto branch on 27th August.

The Excellent Paper Award of JCI Annual Conference in 2011(14 Jul 2011)

Phuong Viet Truong (D3) received the excellent paper award of Japan Concrete Institute(JCI) annual conference in 2011, which took place 12th to 14 th on July.

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