Thesis and Publications


Multi-Scale Modeling of Structural Concrete: Integrated Material and Structural Mechanics
【The Publication Prize of Japan Society of Civil Engineers in 2010】

Koichi Maekawa,Tetsuya Ishida, Toshiharu Kishi

Taylor & Francis
ISBN-10: 0415465540
ISBN-13: 978-0415465540

Modelling of Concrete Performance: Hydration, Microstructure and Mass Transport

Koichi Maekawa, Rajesh Chaube, Toshiharu Kishi

Taylor & Francis
ISBN-10: 0419242007
ISBN-13: 978-0419242000

Doctoral thesis

Ryo YOSHIDA: Study on the microstructure of cementitious materials including several kinds of ink-bottle pores, 2009

Tae Ho AHN: Development of self-healing concrete incorporating geo-materials : A study on its mechanism and behavior in cracked concrete, 2008

Shinichiro OKAZAKI: Study on the mechanism of slow water flow in mictostructure and the barrier effect of concrete, 2008

Yasushi TANAKA: Study on the shear capacity of RC members having artificially-disconnected cross sections, 2006

Hidenori NAGAMINE: Study on the inspection of centrifuged free water and the mechanism of mortar liquidity, 2006

Submission papers

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