About the Kishi laboratory


The Kishi laboratory was established in 2000 at Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo. The Kishi laboratory belongs to the Human and Society division. The students of the KISHI laboratory come from the department of civil engineering.

Research fields

The Kishi laboratory is doing research on the construction materials, concrete engineering and cement chemistry. We have aims to propose new technology in the compound field of material-structure, theory-practice and reduction-integration, and to achieve it in the society. Recent research topics are the development of crack self-healing concrete, the durability evaluation of concrete structures, the analysis of cementitious material properties, and the development of thermal-crack prevention technology.

Research activities

Research activities are usually conducted at Institute of Industrial Science in Komaba U research campus. We have regular meetings and seminars together with Nagai laboratory. Some large scale experiments are conducted in Kashiwa campus.